At Agri Technology Solutions (ATS) are conscient of the importance of an appropriate automation process the grain and feed industries

for this reason and thanks to our deep knowledge of the different processes for the grain and feed industries and our engineering, we want to offer you an adequate automation for your process tailored to your needs.

We design it

During the development phase of the project, we understand the requirements, needs and equipment involved in the process, we observe the weaknesses and possible points of failure that we must minimize to avoid the stoppage of production, seeking the best design to guarantee a successful project.

We build it

We use the most advanced technology on the market. All our power and control panels are built within our factory with qualified labor and under strict quality control; oriented to the versatility offered in the conceptualization of the project.

We code it

Our Specialized Technicians develop the programming of PLC’s and Screens necessary for Human-Machine interaction, we take care that the construction of our boards is made according to the programming and technology used, guaranteeing our clients a global solution.

We are distributors and integrators of prestigious brands such as ABB, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, which allows us to provide reliable solutions with the support and guarantee of the original equipment manufacturers.

Our electrical panels are designed and assembled in accordance with national and international standards, allowing us to offer quality products, safe, reliable and ready to be install easily, with modular designs that permit better use of the space and projected for future extensions.