Silo Apple TV+, from Fiction to Reality

You’ve probably already heard about one of the most recent Apple TV+ premieres or, at best, you’ve already watched the entire season of the fictional series “Silo.” Today we’re going to offer you a Silo reality comparison.

This sci-fi drama premiered in early May has captured audiences’ attention with a setting in a toxic, crumbling future where thousands of people live in a giant silo underground. 

The series has been praised for its world-building, complex characters and suspenseful plot. It has also sparked us to debate the role of silos in our society.

Silos in fiction

Silos have been used in science fiction for many years, often to represent isolation, claustrophobia, and the dangers of technology. In the series, the silo represents a form of human survival in a post-apocalyptic world and a way to control the population and maintain order.

The silo is made of concrete and steel and is designed to withstand a nuclear attack. It is divided into 144 levels, each about 30 meters high, and the levels are connected by a series of elevators and stairs.

Silos in reality

Silos are also used in real life, but they are not usually as large or complex as in the series. Some silos have been converted into housing, as they can be economical and safe.

Silos are originally used to store various materials or foodstuffs, such as grain, coal, and cement. They also help protect the grain from pests and moisture. Silos are usually made of concrete or steel and can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the needs of each company.

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