Our main objective is to provide the best technology and equipment solution for our clients.

We want to guarantee a first-class After-Sales service; by being knowledgeable in the sector, we also understand how important it is to have an immediate replacement of wear parts when is necessary, in this way, we implement a preventive wear parts replacement system for all our clients, saving you time and money.

At Agri Technology Solutions we offer the most complete and varied selection of spare parts for replacements and wear, for the different industries linked to the sector, we supply spare parts of all makes and models, original and generics, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of each of our customers.

Balanced Food Industries

We can supply the most recognized worldwide brands: Buhler, CPM, Andritz, El Rosal, Van Aarsen, Muyang, Zeng Chang and others.

Rice Industries

Shelling Rollers, 100% NBR or Rubber Material, Aluminum or Steel Core, various dimensions being the most requested 10"x10" - 4 holes, different thicknesses, hardness above 95 Shore A.

Transportation Systems

Chains, UHW Pallets, Motors, Reducers, Anti-abrasive Material, Bands for conveyors and / or elevators, buckets, rollers, Chumarecas, Screws, among others.

If you are in need of any type of spare parts, do not hesitate to contact us.